Modal verb practice questions | Best 50+ Modal verb questions with answers

Modal verbs are also called helping verbs that are used to express hypothetical conditions such as possibility, probability, intent, ability, necessity, certainty, permission, suggestions/advice, compulsion, request, command, likelihood, moral obligation, duty, habit, preferences, purpose, offer, prohibition, desire/strong desire, wish, prayer, expectations, unfulfilled actions, challenge or courage etc.

Here are 50+ Modal verb practice questions given that you can practice and answers of all these questions are also given below so you can check your attempted answer whether it is right or wrong.

Modal verb practice questions
Modal verb questions with answers

Modal verb practice questions

Instructions : The following sentences have been divided into parts. One of them contains an error. Select the part that contains the error. If the sentence is correct choose the ‘no error’ option. 

1. I am used to (A)/ live alone, (B)/ I have been living alone (C)/ for some time (D)/ No error (E) 

2. We have got (A)/ plenty of time, we (B)/ need not to hurry. (C)/ No error (D). 

3. He ought to not have (A)/ done such a (B)/ filthy thing. (C)/ No error (D)

4. Hurry up lest (A)/ you will miss (B)/ the last bus. (C)/ No error (D)

5. She asked her younger (A)/ brother, “Could I accompany (B)/ you to the concert ?” (C)/ No error (D) 

6. I cannot able to (A)/ teach you all (B)/ lessons in one day. (C)/ No error (D) 

7. You could behave with (A)/ others the same way as (B)/ you expect them to behave with you. (C)/ No error (D) 

8. I was unhappy because (A)/ I would not attend the marriage (B)/ of my best friend yesterday. (C)/ No error (D) 

9. Did he not informed (A)/ you about the details of (B)/ our visit to (C)/ different work stations (D)/ No error (E). 

10. He does not use (A)/ smartphone as his father (B)/ and mother does not. (C)/ No error (D) 

11. Had you not help (A)/ him with money (B)/ he would not have (C)/ attained this position? (D)/ No error. (E)

12. When Nandini decided to (A)/ leave for the office (B)/ it had become very dark (C)/ because of thick clouds. (D)/ No error (E) 

13. Cars should not be (A)/ parked in front of (B)/ the university gate. (C)/ No error (D)

14. Due to limited finances (A)/ Shahid could not (B)/ undergoes the surgery (C)/ No error. (D) 

15. It is a beautiful (A)/ night the starts (B)/ twinkle in the sky. (C)/ No error (D)

Instructions : From Que. Nos. 16 to 30 select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need for improvement, select ‘No improvement option’. 

16. A tigress has given birth to a cubs in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. 

A. Have given

B. Has gave

C. Has give 

D. No improvement 

17. She is to leaving for the U.S.A. after marriage. 

A. Is leave 

B. Is to leave 

C. Has to left

D. No improvement 

18. It was very hot, you need not to bring your woolen clothes. 

A. Need not have brought

B. Need not bring

C. Need have not brought

D. Need not bringing

E. No improvement 

19. He travelled by bus but would have travelled by train to save time. 

A. Would travelled

B. Should be travelling

C. Could be travelling

D. Should have travelled

E. No improvement 

20. The state government ought have speculated the after-effect of the new regulation. 

A. Ought to 

B. No improvement

C. Ought to have

D. Ought have to 

21. Had you worked hard in time, you will certainly succeed in the examination. 

A. Would certainly succeed 

B. Shall certainly succeed

C. Should certainly succeed 

D. Would have certainly succeeded 

E. No improvement. 

22. You shall have take medicine on time. 

A. Shall have taken

B. Will have taken

C. Should have taken 

D. Should have take 

E. No improvement 

23. Roads are wet, it must rained last night. 

A. Must rain 

B. Must have rained 

C. Can rain

D. No improvement

24. If you don’t follow the traffic rules you used to be arrested. 

A. Shall be 

B. Ought to 

C. Should 

D. No improvement 

25. I obeyed her lest she would be angry. 

A. She should

B. She should be 

C. Her should be

D. She would 

26. How dare you to come in my room. 

A. No improvement

B. dare you to coming

C. dared you to come

D. Dare you come 

27. Likely he might reach the station at time. 

A. Likely he may

B. Likely he might not

C. He might

D. No improvement

28. I may see quite clearly what the children are doing in the garden. 

A. I can see

B. I could see

C. I might see

D. No improvement

29. I had him beat for his inexcusable mistake. 

A. Had beat him

B. Had him beaten 

C. Has beaten him

D. No improvement 

30. I ran fast so that I could catch the train. 

A. I can catch 

B. I may catch

C. No improvement

D. I might catch 

E. I might caught 

Directions : From Que. Nos. 31 to 45, Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank. 

31. I ……………… see a doctor because I felt very sick. 

A. Have to.         B. Has to.         C. Had to.         D. Must 

32. Neeraj told me that veena ……………… do it. 

A. Can.        B. Should.        C. Will         D. Could

33. Soldiers ………….. be respected for their sacrifice. 

A. Must.        B. Can.        C. May.        D. Need 

34. He …………… take rest if he feels weak. 

A. May.         B. Will.         C. Should.          D. Could 

35. You …………. not leave the office without my permission. 

A. Can.          B. Shall.         C. Will.          D. Do 

36. Neither the size nor the colour of the clothes which I purchased for him yesterday …………. right. 

A. Was.       B. Has.        C. Were.        D. NOT 

37. …….. you please bring me my notebook? 

A. May.        B. Do.          C. Should.        D. Will 

38. Usha ………… run hundred yard in ten seconds. 

A. Could.       B. Can.       C. May.        D. Should 

39. Sunny ……………. have asked me before using my Wi-Fi. 

A. Should.        B. Could.          C. Might.       D. NOT 

40. Footballers …………….. touch the football with their hands. 

A. Could not.         B. Must not.        C. May not       D. Any of these three

41. I …………. to take a taxi because the bus was on time. 

A. need not.        B. does not need.         C. did not need.          D. NOT 

42. I’m very tired today, I …………. clean my room now but I’ll do it tomorrow. 

A. Do not          B. Can not.         C. Should not.      D. Could not.   

43. We thought it ……….. rain. 

A. Might         B. May.        C. Can.         D. need not 

44. …………… you please send me an application form?

A. Would          B. Can.         C. May.           D. Should 

45. I ………… do it, and none ………. stop me. 

A. Will, would.         B. Shall, should           C. Will, shall.         D. Shall, Will 

Directions : From Que. No. 46 to 60, The instructions for each question are given above. Select the appropriate option according to that. 

46. Select the correct sentence –

A. I have had my breakfast. 

B. I have take my breakfast. 

C. I had have my breakfast. 

D. None of these 

47. Read the following sentences carefully 

(i). Ram did go to Jaipur yesterday.

(ii). Ram use to go to Jaipur every month. 

A. Only Sentence (ii) is correct 

B. Only Sentence (i) is correct 

C. Both sentences are correct

D. Both sentences are incorrect. 

48. Identify the expression of this sentence formed by the modal verb. 

“It might rain before evening.”

A. Possibility.         B. Strong possibility.         C. Remote possibility.          D. Necessity 

49. Identify the expression of this sentence formed by the modal verb. 

” We ought to help our friends.”

A. Moral obligation.        B. Suggestion.         C. Formal request         D. Probability 

50. Which of the following sentences is correct. 

A. He has his book written by Ramesh.

B. I do went to meet her. 

C. He does not goes to meet her. 

D. He has wrote his book by Ramesh. 

51. Which of the following sentence incorrect.

A. He must meet me this evening.

B. This problem ought to have been solved like this. 

C. I should have done it much earlier. 

D. We ought not to have encourage him so much.

52. Which of the following sentence incorrect.

A. Will he able to do it?

B. I will prefer to have tea than a cold drink. 

C. I really wish you would accept my proposal. 

D. None of these 

53. Identify the correct sentence-

A. He needs not go so early.

B. He need not to go so early.

C. He does not need go so early. 

D. He need not go so early. 

54. Identify the correct sentence-

A. Harikesh may possibly win the award. 

B. Likely it might rain today. 

C. Might you live long. 

D. She came so that she might see me. 

55. Identify the incorrect sentence-

A. Very soon I realised that he is at fault. 

B. The Red fort of Delhi is situated at the bank of Yamuna river. 

C. She neither talked nor will speak to him. 


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