Reading comprehension practice set | Unseen passage for ssc exams

Reading comprehension practice set Passage -1 : Nehru’s was a many-sided personality. He enjoyed reading and writing books as much as he enjoyed fighting political and social evils or resisting tyranny. In him the scientist and the humanist were held in perfect balance. While he kept looking at social problems from a scientific standpoint, he … Read more

Modal verb practice questions | Best 50+ Modal verb questions with answers

Modal verbs are also called helping verbs that are used to express hypothetical conditions such as possibility, probability, intent, ability, necessity, certainty, permission, suggestions/advice, compulsion, request, command, likelihood, moral obligation, duty, habit, preferences, purpose, offer, prohibition, desire/strong desire, wish, prayer, expectations, unfulfilled actions, challenge or courage etc. Here are 50+ Modal verb practice questions given … Read more

Present continuous tense exercise | इन वाक्यों का अंग्रेजी में अनुवाद करना बहुत कठिन है | Best 100+ Present continuous tense practice questions

यहां आज के इस article के अंतर्गत हम Present continuous tense exercise के Questions की बात करेंगे। यहां हम इस आर्टिकल के माध्यम से Present continuous tense practice questions को solve करेंगे जिससे कि हम present continuous tense के सारे translations आसानी से कर पाएं। क्योंकि अमूमन देखा गया है कि जब भी कोई concept … Read more

Adjective questions | Best 25 Adjective questions for competitive exams | Adjective questions for SSC CGL

Adjective questions : Adjectives play very essential role in English language and language as well. That’s why a competitive candidate must have a good understanding of adjectives. We can acquire knowledge from anywhere but we can’t sure about our preparation until check our awareness. It is present here a few questions on adjective. This set … Read more

25 Pronoun questions for ssc cgl | important Pronoun questions for competitive exams | Pronoun exercise for bank exam

Hello dear aspirants,In this article you will find 25 Pronoun questions for SSC CGL. These questions may help you in your english preparation. You guys solve these pronoun questions for banking exams. You will find, in the last of this article, the solutions and explanations of these 25 most important pronoun questions for competitive exams. … Read more

20 Pronoun questions for competitive exams | Pronoun exercise | Pronoun practice set for ssc exams

Pronoun questions for competitive exams

In this article we are going to see about 20 ‘pronoun questions for competitive exams’. These questions are very important for the competitive exam point of view. So if you have learnt the chapter ‘Pronoun’ you must practice these standard questions of pronoun.

Noun exercise | Noun practice set | Advance level noun practice set | 10 important Noun questions for ssc exams

Noun exercise : Noun questions का यह तीसरा set है। इसके पूर्व हम 2 sets के प्रश्नों को देख चुके हैं जिनके लिंक नीचे दिए गए हैं आप इन्हें भी solve कर सकते हैं। ये प्रश्न परीक्षाओं की दृष्टि से बहुत महत्वपूर्ण साबित हो सकते हैं। साथ ही इन्हें Solve करने से आप इस chapter … Read more

Noun practice set | English practice set for competitive exams | 20+ Questions of Noun

Hello & Jai hind my dears, Noun practice set: We’ll here see some important questions, related to chapter ‘Noun‘. Most of these questions has taken place in any competitive examination. However this article of ‘Noun exercise for Competitive exams’ becomes useful to those who are preparing for any competitive exams such as UPTET, UPPET, SSC … Read more

Noun exercise for Competitive exam | Advance level noun exercise | Noun practice set for SSC CGL | 35 questions of Noun

Hello my dear friends, Noun exercise for ssc exams : Noun exercise for Competitive exam की यह पोस्ट उन अभ्यर्थियों के लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है जो उन Competetive Exams की तैयारी कर रहे हैं जिसमें English एक रोल निभाती है। अर्थात जिन परीक्षाओं में English के Questions पूछे जाते हैं। हम जानते हैं कि Noun … Read more

Present Continuous tense in hindi | Present continuous tense hindi to english translation rules

 जय हिंद साथियों 🙏🇳🇪  आज हम यहां इस लेख के माध्यम से Present Continuous tense को सीखने का प्रयास करेंगे। इस Article के अंतर्गत आपको Present Continuous tense Identification , present continuous tense Structure , और Present continuous tense Hindi to English Translation Rules के बारे में बताएंगे।  इस article (लेख) को पढ़ने के बाद … Read more